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SleepyCast Animated

2015-09-02 16:14:00 by 8bitblitz

I am really excited to work on this.

I can even SEE myself improve, I really am super excited to release this, even though I'm in the middle of IT I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Wow I suck :0

2015-02-20 22:20:46 by 8bitblitz

I noticed I suck at animating and at making good videos omg

Sorry for poor quality control ;0

I know there won't be comments on this, but, if you want, can you give tips?

Christmas :00

2014-12-23 18:55:56 by 8bitblitz

its been a while since I made a post :00

I don't think anyone cares that I am making one to be honest, but hEY

the highschool life is GOOD 

and now it's Winter break too! Merry Christmas! :0


2014-03-09 16:55:27 by 8bitblitz


I am taking a long time to post something, and I will tell why.

Here is the reason list:

-I am trying REALLY hard to make my Flash animations look high-quality


-Too many animations (I need to focus on one, but I usually make one, then get bored of it, then work on another animation)

-I am super lazy

-I am more active on my DeviantART to appease my watchers (11 watchers is a lot of people (for me) ).


Okay there. There are my reasons.

I am also trying to make the animations long and worth watching for. I have high hopes for this stickman fight that I am currently animating though. I don't know if anyone will read this, but, I hope you are hyped too ;3

Merry Christmas!

2013-12-25 18:41:14 by 8bitblitz

Sorry I am not here lately ;3

I am much to busy learning AS2 and practicing animation in Flash. Since the first Flash animation I have posted on here as gone beyond my expectations, I will try my hardest to make it exceed yours also, the viewer ( if anyone is out there).

Anyways, I hope you guys don't mind the time it is making for me to make a new animation, I am trying real hard! It's just that the drawings are coming out all messy.

Oh well, I will finish what I started.


Merry Christmas!


2013-10-10 21:22:57 by 8bitblitz

Glad to see people enjoy my first flash!

Honestly, I thought it would bomb, but it turned out okay! Thanks for the people that watched it! It is very helpful to get support from you guys!

i just joined

2012-08-01 16:16:04 by 8bitblitz